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And also for adding items _

such as Xfrog Plant Packs

_ can you add the folder somehow instead of each plant 

there is 21 plants in each Pack and have all 3 Packs 

Thanx ~


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    ed3D - if this is a question: yes.
    Load/import one object (tree) and have it selected (you can change the material if you wish, finally select the whole tree). In the main GUI click on Create to open the Objects library. It opens with Installed. Click on the down arrow right of Installed and select another one and click on [+] to create a new Category within Installed into which you Add the selected tree.

    You can also navigate in Explorer to your Bryce main folder, then Presets > Objects and create a new folder under Objects (I have Preset\Objects\Xfrog\) and create new Categories and add the trees (I have 8 because no obp must exceed 2 GB).

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    Horo said:

    ed3D - if this is a question: yes.

    ~  Yeah , it is an Question  _ 

    - have done this , but Do'nt recall how _ Have   tryed the Folders , but Not right so-far 

    One of these    "how was that again" 

    Suppose,  will sort it out  , i guess_ Thanx

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