Scene Magnitude and adding new primitives

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Hi all,

I am trying to write a command that adds a primitive to a scene. The problem is that the primitive does not scale to the Magnitude of the scene when I insert it into the instance tree. I have found that I have to multiply everything by the scene->GetMagnitude() value to get it to be created at the right scale. Here is my function:

boolean TestCommand::Do()
 TMCCountedPtr masterObject;
 MCIID riid;
 TMCCountedPtr params;
 gShell3DUtilities->CreatePrimitiveByID(kCubePrimitiveID, &masterObject;, IID_IShParameterComponent, (void**)¶ms;);

 TMCCountedPtr instance;
 gComponentUtilities->CoCreateInstance(CLSID_StandardInstance, NULL, MC_CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, IID_I3DShInstance, (void **) &instance;);
 TMCString31 name;

 real32 value;
 params->GetParameter('scal', &value;);
 value *= fScene->GetMagnitude();
 params->SetParameter('scal', &value;);



 TTreeTransform globalT;
 globalT.SetOffset(TVector3(0, 0, value / 2.0F));

 return true;

Notice all the places I need to apply the scene Magnitude to get the cube to be inserted at the right scale. I was just wondering if there was a better way to do this. I am hoping for something that does not require me to crack open every primitive to adjust its size.


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    You may have noticed you are getting odd results because you are not adding the masterObject to the scene. After you create the masterObject do:


    Then you can set the name and create the instance.

    You don't need to set the transform.

    You can continue to use the params->SetParameter or you can do the following:

     TMCCountedPtr geomPrimitive;
     params->QueryInterface(IID_I3DExGeometricPrimitive, (void**)&geomPrimitive;);
     if (geomPrimitive)
      geomPrimitive->SetScalingFactor(fScene->GetMagnitude() * geomPrimitive->GetScalingFactor());
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