PayPal Express payment warning - not logging out

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I just placed an order with payment via PayPal. It went through correctly and there were no problems with the order on that basis.

However, I discovered by accident that my computer was still logged in to PayPal after leaving the DAZ site. This is a change in behaviour - the old system logged you out - so if you're using a public computer, remember to explicitly log off from PayPal before leaving or you could be in for a nasty surprise.

Hopefully this can be sorted out quickly!


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    Can you add it to the bug tracker please You need the page for Daz web search, in the box top right.

    If you have never used the bug tracker before you need to make an account there, as it is separate for this site. You can use the same user name.

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    Done. It's not very reassuring to see a long list of "new" bugs going back over a year, though! It gives the impression that no-one at DAZ is actually looking at the bug reports. Maybe the QA manager should do a bit of housekeeping?

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    That's the location we were told to report our bugs to, it seems to be a repurposing of an older area of the tracker. Either that or they are ignoring us too.

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