Looking for a Developer named or linked to Hudson to help with nil pointer error

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Sorry to bother you here... but am desperate.

I have two files that are now corrupted (Carrara 8.5 pro 64-bit)

See attached screen. Can someone help me? These files did not do this originally. Then last week I lost one to this error. I thought it was due to a plugin or something else I tried to install but maybe not. I contacted the plug-in person and as it's a huge file (232mb) he said it will take some time. But now I am thinking it wasn't his plugin. (Baker and Deeper by Inagoni).

I had an older version of this file, so opened that today and it was OK first open, I did nothing with any other items at all other than to just remove unused objects as I re-dressed my Genesis figure. Saved, then when I went to open later... got the same error with this file.

I have no more files to roll back to and will have to rebuild the whole scene from scratch, unless someone can help me get rid of this. Is there a debugger service? I am happy to pay Hudson or whoever can help.

Cheers, SileneUK

ETA: I have updated some info over in the Carrara forum. Evidently someone had this problem a couple of years ago, but no solution was found.


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    duplicate the file save it to another folder then try a...save as, it sometimes works i have found

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    dot_bat said:
    duplicate the file save it to another folder then try a...save as, it sometimes works i have found

    Sadly no, have posted in Car forum and getting other help, too fro Julien at Inagoni, so will wait and see.

    Thanks, Dot!

    x Silene

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    Hi Silene,

    "I have two files that are now corrupted (Carrara 8.5 pro 64-bit).."

    I assume those 2 files are versions that don't work from a scene you want it to work.

    On one hand, you must have all resources, i.e. all files needed for that scene in the same place they were.

    On the other hand, you also must have all plugins - the working versions of all! - they were used to build the scene.

    If you have in mind all plugins needed for that scene, I would suggest isolate them all, put them down in a list and create a separate new simple test scene in order to

    manually check them all plugins, one by one. Save as many scenes with suggestive diferrent names so you can later identify what you were doing.

    After that, you create another final test scene that has all those plugins required for your scene, and test the scene again. This way, you will know for sure if all plugins

    needed in your failing scene are working or not.

    If any plugin doesn't work or makes the scene not loading, you must replace that plugin with the working version.

    When you are finished with the plugins test, and all needed plugins are working, you try reload the failing file/scene again.

    In theory, this way you will know the error is supposed to be generated by the scene file.

    If this doesn't make your scene work again, I would suggest you remember if you have used meanwhile - from the last day that file was working to nowadays - any 'cleaner' or if you have defragmented your hdd. If you have an ssd and not hdd and you have defragmented the ssd, that is bad news, never defragment ssd!

    If you have an hdd that was 'cleaned' you may have distroyed - not you but the 'cleaner' - some important data, be it some needed temporary files or some registry data lost. Defragmenting a tired hdd might screw also some indexes for the files as well and make your days shine like darkness.

    The order must be as follows:

    If you have the guts - chanses are you have all - you may try create in the begining a new restore point.

    Then, try figure out the D day and try recover your system before that day.

    Get the happy files and check if they work.

    If they work, do this:

    Open the working file/scene. Save the whole scene from carrara with the option that saves the scene with everything needed in it, and give the scene a suggestive new name.

    Go to carrara extensions folder, copy all the extensions folder in a new created folder.

    Burn on a dvd the extensions folder and the working carrara file/scene.

    If you don't burn them on a cd/dvd, the option - the bad one - would be to save them on a memory stick.

    Keep that important data safe.

    Go back to OS now and restore your pc to the newly created restore point you've created, the one you did last, the current day for the day you are doing what I'm saying.

    Open your browser and go to 'C' partition/hdd and choose to check the hdd for errors and also check the option to 'repair' if bad sectors are found. You then have to restart, wait for the hdd check and then try to open your file/scene again and see if it works.

    If it doesn't work, you only copy the scene on your hdd - the working version you've saved on cd/dvd/stick, and try to open it.

    If it doesn't work, you go to carrara extensions folder and make a separate new copy of the entire extensions folder, it may be saved on hdd.

    After you have done the extensions folder backup, you get all cd/dvd or stick extension folder, copy those and overwrite all files in the extensions folder.

    Check again for you scene if it works.

    If it doesn't work, go back to carrara extensions folder - keeping the backup safely though - delete all files in the carrara extensions folder and paste all files from the cd/dvd/or stick saved files to your blank carrara extensions folder.

    Check again if your file/scene works.

    If it works, try to compare extensions files to see what was missing or diferrent. If scene works and you are not in the mood to compare files, you may skip the compair waste time.

    Everything I've said must be done in 'this order'.., they have to be done in that order and not any other way.

    If you will do what I've said, you must know I hold no kind of responsability if that may totally screw your scene or the entire pc, it is only your responsability if you will try what I have said before.

    (I said that not because I am not responsible of what I am saying but because some hardware problems may anytime appear, for instance hdd failure, a power supply failure, just to only mention a few of them).

    English is not my mother language, I'm a romanian and I've always lived in Romania so, if what I've said makes no sense to you it is because of my poor language.

    If it helps and you think of money, no, you are not my type, I don't want to get used to be rich.

    May The Force be with you!




  • SileneUKSileneUK Posts: 1,536

    Gosh, Marius, thank you for the detailed explanation and for responding... though it's been a few months now. 

    Julien at Inagoni finally found the culprit, it had absolutely nothing to do with his plugins (Deeper/Baker). Julien (bless him) parsed the file and found that the problem was coming from a vertex object-- a little row-boat. It was a horrid little object that I did not really need in the scene at all! It was showing up twice in the file (once with polygons, once without), and Carrara had an issue with the edges of the model (running an infinite loop through the edges).

    I rebuilt the scene as I had saved the main character, which was the fussy part. The rest was background and props for the book cover.  But I am much wiser now and ever grateful to Julien at Inagoni for his help.

    Cheers, SileneUK

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    Hi Silene,

    I am glad you fixed the problem.

    A bunch of thumbs up for Julien  yes ..



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