Whats going on here???

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I noticed this in another thread and would like to know why on the exact same build of B7.1pro that I don't have this terrain export lab available??
If it is there how do I get to it???
I have uninstalled, reset download, downloaded and re-installed but still can't find it.
I do have an option to export terrains both from "file>export object" and from the Terrain Editor But wheres my Export Lab.
I feel deprived and abandoned and it's very depressing.


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    In the TE, there is the Export option (down arrow on top left of the terrain canvas). One is Export Image, the other Export ... Use the later one. Then the Save As dialog opens. Give your terrain a name and select as type from the drop down Wavefront *.obp Mesh export (you can also try any of the others). Only then this dialog you are looking for opens.

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    You can also access this lab from the main interface. With your terrain for export selected goto File>Export Object... , choose a format and then the lab will pop up.

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    AhHa All is good, I am no longer feeling depressed.
    Thankyou David.


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    Wow, I've never even seen that lab before, there must have been a secret development cycle I wasn't invited to :shock:
    I don't even recall seeing that in the interface pack, nevermind the program!

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