Load a .duf file from script

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Hi, I am trying to create a script that loads three .duf files from the data folder. Right now I have this:

var oContentMgr = App.getContentMgr();oContentMgr.openFile("data/Soto/Product/File01.duf", true);var oContentMgr = App.getContentMgr();oContentMgr.openFile("data/Soto/Product/File02.duf", true);var oContentMgr = App.getContentMgr();oContentMgr.openFile("data/Soto/Product/File03.duf", true);

It was working fine in two versions of DAZ Studio. Then it started giving an error. Now it works or gives an error at random. A minute ago it wasn't working, now it is and I have not done anything. What is going on? lol

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  • What is the error?

    You don't need to keep reassigning the oContentMgr variable, though I doubt it does any harm.

  • HellboyHellboy Posts: 1,401
    Sometimes it just says error loading the file, sometimes file doesn't exist. The weird thing is it's at random, without doing anything else. I had the variable only once, but last time it worked it was repeated for each file. But I know it probably has nothing to do. It's very random.
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