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  • ledheadledhead Posts: 1,586
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    I just bought a car online with paypal

    a model car

    a 4D model


    Would you be interested in any die cast model airplanes? I have around 250 I would sell you for half price or around $4500.

  • WendyLuvsCatzWendyLuvsCatz Posts: 30,868
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    none whatsoever :roll:

    no, this is a gift for my brother
    he has a nice 2002 Ford Falcon XR6 ute that he lavishes care on, no tradie rig this car though he IS a tradie.
    I have looked fruitlessly in model shops for one, they all say it is unlikely that there IS one
    I found one, it is an XR8 but same chassis year and colour!
    (there is also a virtual one on Turbosquid for $150)
    but this little 1:48 diecast model at $50 inc postage would be much more appreciated by my non-computer graphicly minded brother.
    he has most motorbikes he has owned as diecast models too.

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  • ledheadledhead Posts: 1,586
    edited December 1969

    I'm not sure I would want to sell any of them anyway, at least at this point in time, but that could certainly change if we don't get more work in the near future. Times are getting tough.

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