Strand Based Hair: Head Not on the List!

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Here's a weird and unexpected dilemma: I'm trying out the strand based hair tool, and I'm using the Tathar figure, and on the list for selecting places for hair to grow, the head is NOT there! The face is there, and many other body parts, but not the one thing you would expect hair to grow lol. Does this problem sound familiar to anyone? Thanks a bunch!

UPDATE: It appears that the "head" listing is only available on genesis 8.1 figures, not even on regular genesis 8. Something must be wrong here.frown

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    No.  There's nothing wrong there.  Strand based hair is generated from the surface of a figure and "head" is not one of the surface zones, except on Genesis 8.1.  If you select your figure, and look in the surfaces pane there will be a list of the various surfaces on whatever figure you're using and it will probably make a bit more sense.

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    I see it, thanks for the clarification.

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    Genesis 8 has a "torso" surface which was split into "head" and "body" surfaces for Genesis 8.1.

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