Glamorous - a 1940's Hollywood beauty style head morph for G8.1F. No textures.

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Glamorous is the first of three head morphs based loosly on the Hollywood actresses of the 1940's. I named the series "Hollywood Glamour". I'm not sure but maybe I will sculpt three male head morphs to round out this set. I'm not making any promises though. I rendered some stylish images with an older version of Glamorous. The morph you are getting hasn't changed much compared to the one in the gallery renders. Here is the link to the gallery with the images of Glamorous "in action":

The gallery also contains links to products used in all images of Glamorous (the ones below included).
























Commercial and noncommercial use. If you want to use this morph in a commercial project, please give me credit. Thank you! smiley 

Constructive criticism is welcome.

Enjoy and have fun!


Glamorous F.png
531 x 700 - 1M
Glamorous TQ.png
519 x 700 - 1M
Glamorous P.png
525 x 700 - 1M
Hollywood Glamour for
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  • nonesuch00nonesuch00 Posts: 15,866

    Looks very good, thanks.

  • AOBBAOBB Posts: 138

    You are very welcome, nonesuch00. I'm glad you like her. smiley

  • ChumlyChumly Posts: 444

    Seriously... you are really good at this!

    Good enough to get paid for your work... I'd love to see what you could do with the HD toolset for PAs

  • AOBBAOBB Posts: 138

    @Chumly - Thank you! It's so good to have my work so appreciated. smiley However I don't think I would want to be a PA. I feel like I might lose my freedom somehow if I started working for DAZ. Maybe I'm just being too lazy and I don't want to commit. I always treated head sculpting as a hobby and I guess want to keep it that way. 

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