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Hi, Can anyone point me to the location of the file that stores the Daz Studio preferences. I am hoping to find the script that is loaded on launch in a file so I can modify externally. This will allow me to modify this script location before opening daz studio.

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  • E.g.

  • The script won't usually be in the settings, it will be in the path given (in part) in the button text. Some settings are in the registry, but manya re kept in various files in

    %AppData%/daz 3/studio4/


    %AppData%/daz 3/studio4 public build/

    depending on which release channel you are looking at.

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    In Windows, the settings you are looking for are stored in the registry.

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DAZ\Studio4\LoadStartupScene	REG_SZ	"true"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DAZ\Studio4\StartupScene	REG_SZ	"D:/Test.dsa"


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    Hi Richard. I'm wondering is there a file in the Daz studio folders where these preferences are stored that once started daz looks into so it can load as expected. I've looked through a lot of these files but can't seem to pin point the daz studio preferences. Any idea where this particular file might be located? Im guessing daz will store these "On Launch" selections in a config file somewhere?

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  • Ah ok, Thank you guys for the help!

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