Carrara Challenge 60 = Go, Voting Thread.

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Go Carrara Challenge #60

This is the entry thread for challenge #60.  Go, Go, Go!… We all respond to 'go.'  We all know exactly what it means, except when we don't. There are vehicles that go fast.  There are ex-lovers who go away.  Go can be an exclamation of encouragement, or go can be a command to leave. For this challenge, render an image in Carrara or a Carrara-render-plugin like Octane that expresses how 'Go' inspires you.  It can be a noun like a race car that goes fast or honey that goes slowly.  Or, go can be a verb, or a command. Go can inspire so many different intentions and interpretations. These are just a few examples of many.  Please interpret 'Go' as broadly and creatively as you can imagine.

The Works in Progress (WIP) thread can be found here, along with rules and details.   Carrara Challenge #60 - Go - (get it? 60? Go? sorry...) - WIP Thread - Daz 3D Forums

This voting thread will remain open until at least midnight December 12th, Daz US Standard Mountain Time.  

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