Making a cylinder more round without smoothing

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Forgive my very noob question. I just started with Hexagon and modeling very recently.

I am trying to make a wheel shape. I have an octagon-shaped cylinder, and I want to make it a little more smooth... more than 8 faces that is. But I don't want to enable smoothing because when I do that, it smooths the top and bottom edges too, and it turns into more of a pill shape than a wheel shape.

Can someone teach me either:
1) how to split the faces on the octagon so it looks more round?
or 2) if there is a way to enable smoothing only on some of the faces of a cylinder and not the "end caps"?



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    Not sure what sort of wheel you wanted so just guessing, when you first create a cylinder have a look at the Properties tab, it will tell you how many Points and Sections the cylinder will have, just before you press Validate.

    A better (or different) way of doing it is to use one of the Circles from the Lines drop down.

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    I see, that makes it easier to make one from scratch! Thanks!

    So once it is made, there is not an easy way to add faces to make it more round?

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    See the attached pic. When you first create a cylinder, you are given options as to how many sides and sections. See the ringed part on the pic - Pts/sec refers to the number of sides and sections refers to the divisions along its length. The more Pts/secs, the rounder it will be.

    The first "wheel" is made of 24 points and one section.

    To smooth without distorting the end-caps, loop-select the edges of the end-caps and using the Vertex modeling ->Edge tools ->Extract around, cut in two edges on either side, very close to the edge loops - see no 2.

    No3 is the result of smoothing level1 and collapsing DG..

    There are better methods than this of making wheels:)

    Edit: Cross-posted with Wee Dangererous John :)

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    Thanks! I understand. That makes a lot of sense now.

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