Any script to change figure/object preferred base?

I'm wondering if anyone worked on a script to change "Preferred base" I see studio now has an menu option to change Compatibility Base but not Preferred base so i was thinking if such a script could be useful. 


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    You can change the Preferred Base from the Scene Identification panel (Edit -> Object/Figure -> Scene Identification, or, right-click on the Scene tab -> Edit -> Scene Identification)

  • I think Tugpsx was actually asking if creating such a script would be useful.

    I would say yes though a custom action could probably do it too, I have one for converting general weights to blended for carrara where I just press X for the dialogue 

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    Well, it could save a click or two, but if you knew the exact base definition, you could skip having to search through the list of candidates by suppying it as an argument. I imagine, for example, it could be used often for Genesis 8 / 8.1 switching because of compatibility problems that shouldn't be.

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    To do this correctly one would have to:

    Load clothing without selecting a figure in the scene so AutoFit would not be enabled.

    Select the clothing item and then run the script from script menu or favorite

    Choose Preferred base from a shortlist of G8.1M, G8.1F, G8M or G8F 

    The user would then still have to parent the asset and run autofit.

    The only way to get the most out of the script would be for the user to select the clothing item and then the target figure and using a script option of change preferred base of first selected asset to secend selected asset, parent first asset to second and run autofit.

    Why would we make it this easy for end users. smiley

    Or put in for a feature to add Preferred base to the dropdown menu as Daz did for Compatibility base.

    There is already a class for compatibility

    Action Class="DzSetDefaultCompatibilityBasesAction"/>

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  • maybe the duf itself can be edited if not compressed

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    There is a catch, When you change the Preferred Base the asset will not be automatically fitted to its previous owner so i would alos have to add an option to switch it back to previous owner. So now the dropdown list has to be expanded to add G3M and G3F. See what he was saying about a simple task getting more complicated.


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