Give input to "Add Frames to Timeline Prompt"

So I've got a scene with less frames in the timeline than the pose preset I'm merging. Simple stuff:

var oContentMgr = App.getContentMgr();oContentMgr.openFile("C:/folder/AnimationPosePreset.duf", true);

This gives me the message:

This preset contains information for frames beyond the length of your current timeline.

Would you like to add frames to the timeline in order to import the entire file?

With "Yes" and "No" (Yes is pre-highlighted)


How do I 'click' yes on this window via script?




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    Openfile does not have a silent option parameter since there is a possibility of overwriting the existing file.

    From Document Center

    Boolean : openFileString filename, Boolean merge=true )

    Loads the contents of a file, either as a native file or an imported file, by calling openNativeFile() or importFile() based on the file extension. For file imports, a companion file (a DAZ Script file with the same name as the file being imported, or a DUF file if a DAZ Script does not exist) will be executed if one exists.


    • filename - The name of the file to load.

    • merge - If true, the contents of the file will be merged into the existing scene. If false, the scene will be cleared and the contents of the file will be opened in a new scene. (applies only for native files)

    Return Value:

    • true if the file was loaded successfully, otherwise false.

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  • Thanks for the detailed reply. I'll look for a workaround.

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