How do I dupelicate a figure

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I just have a quick question for you all. I am using Daz 3d Studio 4 pro, the free version. I want to know if there is a way to dupelicate a figure such as the Gen figure or, Michael. In poser there is a way by using the dupelicate figure command in the edit menu. I just wondered if you were able to do the same thing with Daz 3d Studio 4.

Please write back soon and tell me, and as always thankyou ever much for your help and advice to/ my questions.

Thanks again


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    the way we tend to duplicate figures is to create the figure you want save as a scene file.
    then use the merge scene option and merge your current scene with the scene you just saved and you will now have two of the same figures in the scene.

    another way which is similar to the merge scene is when you save your scene save it to a folder that is in the DAZ Studio mapped "My Library" Folder that way any scene files you have saved in that folder you can just double click to add to your current scene just like any other content.

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