Proper way to load a figure through SDK action

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Hi! I tried the following code to load a figure through SDK, the core codes are as follows. I generated dll file and DAZ studio loaded it but I got error for reading asset. Not sure why this happens. Thanks! There is a symbol in the filePath not interpreted properly they are in fact back slashes.

  //DzMainWindow *mw = dzApp->getInterface();
  //if( !mw )
  // return;


 DzAssetIOMgr *iopm = dzApp->getAssetIOMgr();

 const QString filePath = "D:\DAZ3D\Library\Gen2Male\Genesis 2 Base Male.duf";

 DzFigure **Figure1;

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  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 87,619
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    \ is the escape character - \n is new line for example. If you wanted a literal \ you'd have to escape it with two characters "\\". However, I think you should be using / as the path separator in DS anyway.

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