Wonderful stuff.  Great.  BUT... is there anything like a "findNodeByName"?  
I ask because I have a dForce asset which needs the buttons hidden before running the sim, as they are objects parented to Rigid Follow Nodes and cause problems during a simulation.  Now, these buttons all have the same inward-facing "Name", but their outward-facing "Label" is unique, of course.  I have written a short script using the 'findNodeByLabel' and it works to toggle visibility, but only on the first asset in the scene.  If there are two characters wearing the same asset, then of course it doesn't work on the second one because they are labeled with a (2) appended to the label, and so forth.  It would be great if someone could point me in the right direction for finding this "mystery-ByName-Method".  It would save me having to build an array and then stepping through it.  




  • DzScene.findNode( name ) just sues the name. But if this is an issue why not just turn off Visible in Simulation, which doesn't affect rendering and so wouldn't need toggling.

  • CausamCausam Posts: 122

    I just LOVE the way Richard never says, "Ya Idiot" when he has every right to!  LOL

    Thanks, man.  For both pieces of info.  I was unaware of that setting's existence completely.  

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