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I understand that I can use add-ons from shareCG.
I need to know how do I install them and make them work.
And is there a default setting on daz to return the program to its original setting like you just downloaded it.
Thanks for any help.


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    It probably depends on what add-on you are talking about in terms of where you install them.

    I have only ever imported obj files from ShareCG, or things like that, so I am not sure how to use the add-ons.

  • LorwinithLorwinith Posts: 60
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    I been to shareCG, but how to I in stall them..?

    Please help, most of the stuff on the net is about older versions of daz, and not about 4.7.

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    Most things for older Daz items should still work in newer versions.

    If the items are in zip files then unzip the file and place the folders inside your My Library.

    I have a tutorial on my website which helps with items like mine. See link in signature.

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    I'm a fairly new user to DS but have used Poser since version 2, so I'm used to figuring out where things go. What I do with downloads is unzip them into a blank folder on my desktop ( Windows 8.1). Most of the stuff I've found over the years is packaged with the folder placements already in the package. That gives me a hint as to where the stuff should go. Then all I need to do is open the main DS directory, find those folders and copy/paste the files into them. That's never failed me in Poser or in DS.

    Many folks also put a ReadMe in the package telling you what to do. In a lot of cases the instructions are just to unzip into your main DS directory. But somehow that never works for me.

    If it's just a plain OBJ file with no other folders or instructions, I just do a manual import and then save it into the library myself.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thank all got it all working, Thanks for your help.

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    Merged duplicate threads.

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