The 3 Bears

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I am interested in purchasing this product:
However..when I look under the "What's Included & Features" tab where it says:
For a complete list of Head Morphs click Here!
I am taken here:

Does anyone know how to get to the link that shows the Head Morphs to these bears?
Thanks! :)


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    I was wondering the same thing the other day ...

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    Yes I guess not all the store links are working yet..I wish I could be more confident on what to buy..I am just so learly now of purchasing anything for fear I cant download it or something will go wrong..

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    Here are Papa Bear's Head morphs - Mama and Baby appear to be the same:

    543 x 510 - 36K
    551 x 653 - 45K
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    I believe they have a mimic configuration file too .dmc that you used to be able to download from a list of dmc files for various characters.
    I still keep finding ones I missed among my characters so hope that link will be available.
    by rights they SHOULD come with each figure in the installer or available downloads, something that can be added to the wished for features!
    they were inclubed in the freebie 50 items for platinum club new members, dunno if they still are but there were a lot of goodies that made joining worth it for those alone.

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    Thank you for taking time to list the morphs carnite. I was hoping there would be expressions listed. You are right..I did see a link to view mimic but that took me to an error page also :(. I have been a Platinum Club member for many moons but I think the deal was to get the bears when you join up..but I was already a member so I missed out on the deal :(..anyways..thanks so much for the post! Much obliged! ;)

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