Hat hair problems

Is there a product that will solve the problem of fitting any hat to any hair?


  • Short of magic, no - hair can be set up in an enormous number of different ways and I don't think there is any way a one-step, universal solution could be created.

  • LeanaLeana Posts: 9,624

    This (and its equivalent for other figures) can help: https://www.daz3d.com/sy-hat-and-hair-helper-genesis-8

  • If there's different material zones or what have you, I just try to turn the cutout opacity to zero and see if that gets me to where I want to be. If it doesn't totally work, then I start putzing around with mesh grabber to get the trouble spots fixed. 

  • fred9803fred9803 Posts: 1,412

    Lately I've been using MeshGrabber to push parts of the hair inside the hat, to varying degrees of success. Though I haven't tried it, I suppose you could use the GeometryEditor to select all the hair outside a hat, assign it a new surface and make that invisible.

  • Faeryl WomynFaeryl Womyn Posts: 2,458

    I've used Sickle Yield's original hat and hair script with great success, though I have no idea if it would work on other Genesis models.She does, however, make a new one for each version, so there's that.

    I have also used MJCasual's script, also with great success and it works on any model.

  • SevrinSevrin Posts: 5,647

    Mesh Grabber

  • mwokeemwokee Posts: 1,032
    Is it possible for PAs to group sections of hair so they can be hidden? Going forward?
  • I used to make myself crazy trying to fit hats, hoods, etc on hair.  Then I came to the realization that most promo pics are composites of two or more renders done in post.  Since I do post on just about all my renders, it was a fairly obvious and rather simple solution. 

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