How do I change hexagon language interface after install ?

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Today I bought and installed hexagon 2.5 from Daz3D site.
Even if I am a French speaking person I always use all my software in English. Including OS Windows 7.
This to benefit of any tutorials, videos, help from peers on the web.

When I launched hexagon I was baffled to see it had installed the interface in French.
Probably due to a locale. It never asked me which language I wanted ( and obviously it can cope with more than English).

I don't want my interface in babbling French. I want it in English.
Else in addition from switching between screen during a video tutorial I will need to switch brains also...

I went through the preferences and saw nowhere I could change and switch to English.
Any help or directions on this welcome !

Thank You


  • rene.maesrene.maes Posts: 1
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    Never mind.
    Found how. Had not seen drop down in prefs - general.
    Am now in English after restart
    Pardon my beginer mode :-)

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    Congratulations of making the wise choice to buy Hexagon and welcome to the forum:)

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