Importing to Daz. Nub Question. Hopefully it hasn't been asked and answer 100 times already....

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If it's been asked, I could be blind, also, my google skills have been failing me lately...

So, I'm trying to model a simple Studio Apt unit. So far many things have gone well, but I am having a couple issues. I need the unit to do two things, 1. it needs to scale uniformly, and 2. Due to camera angles and such, I want to be able to turn off walls as needed. (kind of like TV Studio homes). I can get the unit to do one or the other, but not both. is the base unit. It is still a work in progress, but this is the basics. When I import it to daz, it looks good. And even lets me turn Walls on and off.
BTW each Wall is it's own object. However when I try to scale it, this is what happens everything skews funny. Now if I try to group the walls, weld them, or export to a .obj then import them, everything scales as one, but I can no longer select the individual walls.

There is likely a simple solution that I'm missing... can anyone help?

p.s. There is something funny going on with my imgur account, so hopefully the links work.


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    Wow... I am a nub.... I finally figured it out... Import to Daz, then group in Daz, not in Hex..... Feel free to ignore.

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