changing the hair color of an animal model

I am currently using the daz 3d dire wolf model and am trying to alter the hair color to a more reddish brown.  The model comes with three premade material sets of black, white, and a greyish black mix.  I have tried changing the color of the image map and uploading it using the layered image editor, and I have gone into the surfaces tab an tried changing the base colors of the fur sets but It just isn't working.  I can't get it to look natural and when I do get it to change color it is to harsh and just looks weird.  

How can you change the fur color sets of a model correctly or is it even possible.  The team or individual that created the model was able to create three material sets but I just don't understand fur and how it works in a 3d environment enough I guess.  

Any suggestions?


  • There are some shaders (such as this one) that can change the hair of animals as well as humans. 

    Tweaking the surfaces in the Settings tab sometimes works, too, although you usually have to play around with the Base Color, Glossy Color, and Top Coat color. It can be frustrating!

    It would probably help to use the white color as your base, as color changes made in the Surfaces tab show up bettter with light colors than with dark ones.For example, here is Daz Lab 8 with black fur 'tinted' red, compared to a yellow lab also tinted red:

    846 x 574 - 75K
    887 x 684 - 91K
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