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Does any one know where can I see every property meaning? There are bunch of property to select, such as x-scale, disable-tranform... etc.
Is there a website that I can study it?

Another question is that why I custom set the measurement and click apply. My custom setting will map to another value? How can I cancel this auto mapping?

Any comment will be appreciated!!

I attach before after screenshot below.


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  • I'm not following the questions, sorry.

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    I am using Measure Genesis 8 Female and I applying the measure nodes wearables preset to my figure which contains 25 parameters in FIgure Metrics for me to set custom value. For example, Below Knee Circumference, Ankle Circumference, Knee to Ankle......etc. When I set my 25 values and click "Accept", the result is a little bit chnage. It seems there is some connection between these 25 parameters, right?

    For exmpale, if I set "Below Knee Circumference" = 33, then after click "accept" it will change 33 to 32.72.

    Another question is that in the configuration. there is a bunch of property for these 25 parameters. Is there a document for me to study so that I can understand which property I need to use?

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  • Measure Metrics can't simply aply the values - it iterates over them adjusting them to try to match the target values it was given, and after the number of iterations set it stops. It's certainly possible to assign proeprties to two values that will end up conflicting with each other and make it impossible to properly converge - different people will have different options available, all you can do is try to pick proeprties that do not affect other properties that you wish to modify.

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    Now, I have some concept in my head, but don't know whether it is right or wrong. I can understand that we cannot simply given the value for these 25 parameters. Because, there is a hidden algorithm in the Measure Metrics. The algorithm will try to match the target value.

    However, I try to use the measure metric's panel to create a little chubby figure and store its 25 parameters. Then, I create a new figure and put the same value in it. It cannot create the same figure back to me. This is a little bit strange for me. I attached two picture below.

    Thanks for your reply.

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  • Please use Smooth Sahded Drawstyle, or another non-textured style, for your screen shots..

    So you started with a base figure, set soem values in Figure Metrics and applied. Then you went back to a base figure, entered the values from the first run, and got very different results? Or did you start from different inital shapes? The system works, as I understand it, by adjusting the values on each iteration - if the result is further from the desired value than the original value then it either splits the difference (if one value was too high and the other too low) or makes an adjustment in the opposite direction. That's why two properties that both affect one or more values can cause issues, and it also means the starting point can matter.

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    So you started with a base figure, set soem values in Figure Metrics and applied. Then you went back to a base figure, entered the values from the first run, and got very different results?

     Yes, I adjust some values in the "panel" which contains lots of scroll bar and go to see the "Figure Metrics Script" value and store all its 25 value. After that, I open a new base figure and directly enter these 25 value in the "Figure Metrics Script". Then, I got a very different result.

    Is it because my configuration set the wrong property for each parameter? because Now, lots of property is scale.


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    That is not unexpected - you've set a number of shaping properties to get those measurements, but there is no one-to-one relationship between property and measurement. It looks as if you are trying to use Figure Metrics with more mesures driving scale, which is going to conflict as one measure may require scale to go up while another requires it to go down. Even if you made the target shape with just twenty five shapes and hooked each up to a single measure I would not expect you to get anything like the same end result, for the reason mentioned at the beginning - each shape is likely to be affecting more than one measure, but figure emtrics is adjusting it only for its impact on one particular measure while adjusting other properties for other measures.

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