Export genesis 8 FBX

I would like to know if it is possible to export Genesis 8 FBX without distortion in Unreal?

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    I add that I am on mac.

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    2 things:

    1 - unreal do not support dual quartenion which daz characters are "based" which means unless you make some "extra work" in make some "corrective morphs" and even with that you never gonna having characters looking like what they look in daz when comes to "poses" and animations, they never gonna looks the same the only way to "work around" is using a "modified version of unreal like on this post:



    2 - you must export corrective morphs and use the post process animation, if you are using the bridge to export characters then it already have the post process animation otherwise you have to create one and add all the corrective morphs, while they still are not perfect, they improve a lot the deformation of the characters in some key areas, if you proper export all the corrective morphs and proper use then in the animation BP post process then not all the things will be fixed but some of then will look better, the big issui still unreal don't supporting dual quartenion it make a huge difference between working in daz and outside daz, to be fair it's not just unreal issue but many others programs which you can export daz characters also don't support dual quartenion then when you export a character this info is lost, this is what make characters bending in a more "smooth and realistic way".


    long and short answer, none daz character never gonna look's good as it looks outside daz in many programs because daz characters use some "systems" like the dual quartenion which normally is only supported in few places aside daz, the best you can do is use already existing corrective morphs and create your own corrective morphs on missing places to make things look "better" but never the same as they look outside daz.

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    Thank you very much for the comprehensive answer.
    Yours sincerely

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    nope, i'm having the same issue as you as i described here:


    the only possible fix for this issue which i can see is someone creating a "corrective morph outside daz like in blender where the bad distortion can happen then you "fix it or make something "better" then turn in a morph to be applied when the character bend to be exported and applied in the animation bp


    other way around which also is more impossible to happens than even unreal have support to dual quartenion would be daz "rework all the characters to support the linear bend" then manually fix all the bad bends which will happens without dual quartenion, which is a "lot of work to do and not the best solution.


    among the 2 almost 100% impossible solutions unreal give support to DQ would be the less "impossible".


    the most "realistic and possible soluction is the creation of target morphs for this specific issue.

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    It's a pity that you can't use DAZ's amazing animation and poses resources in Unreal.
    No software has so many resources and this quality.
    So far I have worked so hard doing animation in 4d cinema manually these are examples:

    Sure there are many mistakes but my aim was purely educational.
    Yours sincerely

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    well good works here to be fair you can still make some amazing works with unreal and daz it's just some animations poses will need some "extra work" in case you need then but overal you can still work fine another thing which i did noticed is which some of the bugs are based on the "outfit or character model" like some characters which are "more big" or more defined in some places have more chances to have some bend issues than others same goes for outfits for exemple this character it's almost don't have the same issue i had with another character:

    as you can see a different character the same error is not happening, which means outfit and character "model/moprhs" have some impact on how the final character will look, if you use the right outfits and right model some of the issues will be less visible or like to happens.

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    Thank you so much for the nice words of encouragement.

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