auto ptr compile error..How to fix...?

On compiling the Plugin ParticleFXDS we get the auto ptr error and my New Programmer said it was taken out of visual 2017.. the last working build of PFX was in 2016 before my programmer passed away and my next programmer also Passed away so now we are slowly working thru all the compile errors...I must say the plugin worked until windows 10 changed the my documents folder to the user/username/folder...Any idea's on how to get the paths autoed...Thanks for any and all help we  can get...using the DSsdk redownloaded from my account here on DAZ.....I try and look at the help from the wiki and maybe I am looking in the wrong spot...?


This what he just sent me thru messenger...?


Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Error C2065 'auto_ptr': undeclared identifier ParticleLib C:\Daz 3D\Applications\64-bit\DAZ 3D\DAZStudio4\plugins\ParticleFX\ParticlePane\particleexportsystem.cpp 75



Dan Ritchie

Auto_ptr was depricated in C++ 17 standard...?


  • auto_ptr is still available, see

    See the comments section if you are using VS2019.

    My Documents vs Users\Username should not have any effect on a compiled plugin unless the paths were hardcoded into the plugin, which they should not be. You should be getting the path to any DS content through DzContentMgr, and if your plugin is storing things elsewhere, should use one of the DzApp methods or QStandardPaths to get the base directory. If this is a problem in your VS project file, you will have to fix that manually.

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