Saving morphs via EXP exporter?

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I'm trying to figure out how to save a morph from DS 4.7 to work in older versions of DS and in Poser, and getting no luck at all. How do I select just the head or just the body to save the morph? What are the different fields supposed to do?

This was easier in older versions :/

I dislike the feeling of knowing something right now better in poser than in Daz... eek. HELP MEEEEEEEEEH PLEASE!

thanks ~


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    It's an ExP using figure? Hmm, it's changed since last I looked (which was probably DS3) but from the pop-up help (click the arow with a ? at bottom-left and click on one of the controls that doesn't have a barred symbol on the pointer) and what I recall:

    You should be able to find your morphs, on whichever body part owns them, in the hierarchical list at the top - make sure you have any ERC links that go with the morph selected too.

    Product/Package name is just the name of the morph or morph set
    Unique Product ID should be something like a product code - you could, for example, use bdmr001 - this one doesn't have pop-up help butt hat's what it used to be, it determines the prefix on the pz2 files that go in the body-part folders
    Actor/Node Index File: this is new, or at least I don't recall it. It seems to want, for V4 for example, \Runtime\Libraries\!DAZ\Victoria 4\V4ActorList.txt. Any DAZ figure that uses ExP should have this already, so you just need to browse to it and select it.
    I'm not sure if Output folder should be the content directory or the character folder (\Runtime\Libraries\!DAZ\Victoria 4 for example). I would expect the latter, from what I recall.
    You probably won't have any DForm info to include if these are new morphs, unless you adjusted the DForms, so you can probably skip that.
    Unless you previously did so, with a tool like SyrInj or by copying and pasting from the CR2, you probably want to create the Inj/Rem poses for the morphs - the folder for those would, I think be \Runtime\Libraries\!DAZ\Victoria 4\Deltas or the equivalent. You would presumably want the user files - the Inj and rem poses that appear in the pose library - and would want the path set to the folder you want to put them in.

    I'm sorry I can't be more definitive, if that isn't enough to get you started (and if no one else comes in with more information) I'll try to do a test run myself tomorrow.

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    Alright, let me mess around and see if i can get it to work. Hope it is easier than copying each number over to poser >_<</p>

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    It's not working, I've tried a few different settings and mucked around best i can, and I'm just not getting any morph saved out! HELP.

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    I'll see if I can get it to work, and post a walk-through if I can, but I'm not sure when. Going to put a book mark to this on my desktop as a reminder.

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    OK, the biggest issue I ran into is making sure that the folders you plan to use exist - I was prompted for a missing Victoria 4 folder, but not for the missing Pose library folder in my test location and that stopped the Inj/Rem poses from being made first time round.

    I created a simple morph with a DForm, just the usual hornlet on the forehead, and then linked the EyebrowRaise morph to that to make sure ERC worked. The set-up in the Property Hierarchy is in the first screen-shot. Ignore the Alias - that won't export, as far as I know, though Poser does have a similar thing in LinkParms - we are interested in the morph on the head. if you did create a master FBM on the body you would want to include that and its ERC ling to the body part morph or morphs, but it isn't applicable here.

    Next, I opened the ExP Exporter. dialogue and found the test morph, under Head. I clicked on the morph to select its entry (you would select any other morphs you are wanting to export too), then right-clicked on the selected morph and in the menu went to Select>All File Types>Selected Only, which put a tick in each applicable column. For the ERC link to the brow morph I expanded the listing under the morph so the ERC link under Sub-components was exposed, selected it, right-clicked and this time went to Select>ERC>Selected Only since the rest of the morph's set up is handled by the existing files. As you will notice there are other options in the Select (and Deselect) sub-menus which will be useful if you have a lot of morphs to include.

    In the fields under the Property Hierarchy the first things wanted are a name for the morph set and a product code - since I'm not selling or distributing these I just picked a name and a code based on my initials - something similar should be safe for you, as long as your initials aren't ps_ac. The Actor Node Index is the list of actors, which as I said above should be in the \Runtime\Libraries\!DAZ\Figure name folder for DAZ figures- oddly for V4 at least there were two apparently identical files, I picked the one with the slightly later date-stamp. After that the Output folder is the \Runtime\Libraries\!DAZ\Figure name folder - I just picked the one with my live Victoria 4, then edited the path in the text box to point to my test folder so I didn't get the created files lost in the sea of live V4 files. Picking the output folder auto-populated the other two folder names, which was fine, and since I wanted the Inj/Rem and delta files I was done without changing any other settings. I do advise using a separate folder for the output - the morphs won't work there, but you can zip them up cleanly without getting lost among all the other files. The second screen-shot shows the final settings I used.

    To test I merged copies of my main and test \Runtime\Libraries\!DAZ\Victoria 4 folders and placed the V4 CR2 and PowerLoader script (from the \Character\DAZ People folder), and the Inj/Rem poses created by the exporter in a new location, loaded that V4 with the new morph set (and the base morphs) ticked in PowerLoader, injected the new morphs, and as you can see it worked.

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    Woops, stopped getting updates! just saw this and will try it out! THANK YOU!

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