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I am on win8 and I cannot find the file that needs to be moved and it is not clear to me where to move it.


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    Not sure what you mean but hopefully this will help.

    IN DAZ Studio and Hexagon are Icons which sends your model between the programs. I cannot remember where the icon was in DS (I've moved it to my task bar) but you can find the option in the File menu.

    In Hexagon, it is in the Utilities tab.

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    I have the missing bridge problem since the 4.7 update, need to locate a dz.ini.... file.

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    Are you getting an error message, or are you missing the icon/menu option? If you press F3 and expand "Bridges" on the left pane, does it show up?

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    Same problem. I have the Hexagon Bridge visible in the Customize Menu but I can't get it to show up in the File menu

    EDIT : I set up a hotkey by rightclicking on the Hex Bridge on the Customize Menu, now when I select an item in a scene and hit the indicated hotkey, the bridge works (though it's still not not visible in the File menu).

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    Try this:
    1) save your layout (Window > Workspace > Save Layout As), so you can restore it if you don't like the updated arrangement
    2) in Content Library > DAZ Studio Formats > [content library name] > Scripts > Utilities, double-click on "Update & Merge Menus"
    3) see if the bridge shows up in the File menu; if it doesn't, try adding it again

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    Didn't work but I'm OK with using the hotkey :) it might be even easier ;D
    I might try reinstalling Daz & Hexagon both later on

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