Making Hair? Include an "Elf Morph" please

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I'd like to ask all the PA hair dressers out their that when they make a hair style, could they please include an "Elf Morph" or at least some sort of ear/hair modifying button.

I know some will say to unhide assets in the preference pane, select hair name > currently used assets > and look for for the ear follower and turn it off... but honestly, I am not seeing it, or it doesn't exist in 90% of the characters/hair I am trying to do...

I am sure the PA's are much smarter DAZ-wise than I am, and it is a feature they could highlight in their Shop Page Advertising... "Super Duper Hairstyle Doo... now with Elf Ear Morph INCLUDED!"
Just kind of sings, doesn't it?



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    For the clueless, what exactly does an elf ear/hair morph do?  Does it pull the hair behind the ear?

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    I presume it's a shaping morph for the hair. I suppose it is meant to squash the hair down for one of those 'elf & safety plastic helmets.
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    What does it do?  Glad you asked!  I just found this product - MRL dForce Fantasy Hair Pack 2 for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females

    Here is an image from the set, that will show you exactly what I am talking about...
    I wish more/all hair makers would do similarly

    Elf Morph For Ears/Hair

    Without a moph like this... the hair "Follows" the ears... so you get Hair on Top of around in the Ear Area.
    People will say to just turn off auto follow/or go into the hidden settings in the Parameters... looking for the Ear Morphs under "currently used" but I have only had luck with that about 20% of the time (maybe I just have a lot of custom assets... I dunno.  But I would think it would be an added selling point if they were just included in the Hair Product Package... as Mihrelle chose to do.

    Anybody know of any other hair sets with built in Elf Morphs?


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  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 74,108

    Having an ear morph won't stop the hair from following the ears - that could be done with a rigidity group, regardless of whether the hair had a morph for the ear gap. The problem comes when the hair doesn't have a moprh named This_Elf_Morph's_Ears, so when the fiugre it is fitted to does have such a morph DS tries to project it into the hair, moving the hair vertices to have the same relationship to the morphed shape as they do to the base.

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    Got a link to how to make a rigidity group to solve my elf ear/hair follwing once and for all?

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 74,108

    I think Mada has a video (unless that is a cionfused memory of her video on Rigid Follow Nodes). Essntially you select the hair, switch to the Geometry Editor, select polygons in the ear area on one side, right-click>Geometry Assignment>Create Rigidity Group from Selected. You can also select a smaller area, say over the ear lobe or some other area that you don't expect to get such dramatic chnages, and via Geometry Assignment make that a reference group - that will allow things that affect the overall skull shape to get picked up still. Rigidity can also be weight mapped, if you find the default set up gives overly harsh transitions.

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    I'll give it a try this PM

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