Oy Vey With The G8M Eyes

Hi all,


So...I've been away from DAZ for a few months.  Came back to browse the goodies, saw the new Tucker release, immediately had to have it thanks to the promo images, and have been playing with DAZ this morning.

Here's a little gremlin that seems to have snuck in while I was away:  What's gone wrong with G8M's eye textures?  

I'm using poor Tucker as my sample here, but this effect seems to be universal, no matter how I mix and match different texture sets onto G8 characters.  The eyes look like...well, the eyes look like me on a Saturday morning, back in my 20's, about which the less said, the better*.  

Am I missing something obvious here?

Thanks for any tips!


*and about which precious little is remembered at all. 

587 x 200 - 208K
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