Light Probes Vs Three Point system

Hello, so I've been watching tutorials on lighting and some Content creators use light probes and emissives instead of the three point system.

Is this a better way of lighting or just easier to speed up work flow? 



  • CenobiteCenobite Posts: 206

    Emissives take forever to render unless you have set the shadow right for the lumens you cast, otherwise the light creates a mess of firefly in the scene leaving white dots that won't render out. Emissives are good if your going to brighten the whole scene but i always find the render takes forever and the light leaves all sorts of issues, One white dot will ruin your render and it will be right in the middle of the hair piece so it's obvious kinda thing. I suppose it comes down to how you want to use the light in your scene & how quickly you want to render, i personally think it's stupid spending hours rending something the light should be able to do in seconds not hours. The polys are heavy in the editor not the light in Iray renders, you can have a heavy poly scene and still render quickly with the correct light settings.

    Someone with more expertise in managing light & shadows is probably best to learn from to maximise any render, one thing is for sure the render is only as good as the textures provided, if they are low quality the render will always be low quality you can't polish a turd so to speak.

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