Slowing down playback for realtime animation

So recently I have been looking into real time animating. More specifically VR animating and while I was looking I found this program called Tvori which allows you to basically just grab the object and move it while it's playing. It's not new technology but they have this time feature that isn't in daz3d. It basically allows you to slow down the play back speed so you can more accurately make the object react better with the scene.

here's the video:

I tried to attempt this technique by using the framerate. Basically I would animate at a higher framerate and lower it to slow it down for a better reaction. 

This video illistrates what I am talking about:

I tried it but the keyframes in daz3d adjust to the framerate I switch it to. Is there a way to disable it or is there a work around that anyone would know of???


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