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So I need to create a few Auto Adapted Folders to get some missing files for some scenes a friend of mine sent me.  Does anyone know how Daz makes these folders?


  • BejaymacBejaymac Posts: 1,544

    The "data/auto_adapted" folder is Studio's dumping ground, in there you will find mesh/morph/UV data for content that wasn't loaded as DS native formats before it was saved as a scene/subset.

    An example is Poser content, take Victoria 4.2, she isn't in DS native formats, loading her into a scene and saving her as a scene/subset means you get a DUF file, but you also get a "data/auto_adapted/blMilWom_v4b_68498" folder, inside which you will find a large number of DSF files.

    Another example is making a dress for G8F, you import the OBJ into DS, use the Transfer Utility to rig it to work with G8F, then instead of using "File > Save as > Support Asset > Figure/Prop Asset" to save it you use scene/subset instead, you now have a "data/auto_adapted"" folder for it, instead of the correct "data/Creator's Name" folder. 

    Same thing for all of the import formats (OBJ/FBX/DAE etc).

    Now with Poser content DS adds references to the DUF file, that way if the data in the auto_adapted folder is missing, then DS knows where to go looking to find the content so it can recreate the missing data files before loading the DUF.

    Not sure if it does the same for the other import formats thought.

    So if you are getting missing files, then it probably means you don't have the content installed for DS to recreate them.

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