Using 3D scanners to create genesis characters

Hello People, hope you are great and beeing safe now that we are exiting this pandemic :S

i recently got a 3D scanner (more like a gift from my parents so i can bussy my self and stop bouncing of the walls cause i couldnt go out) and while i have no problem scaning and adding objects to my scenes i havent found a post regarding using 3D scanners to create characters on genesis, either face or full body and most importat the skin of the model.

i was using face transfer and facegen and while they do a sort of good work using still images a 3D cam might do a lot better work :P but dont know if it can be done within the Daz software, blender or exagon or require a Thirth party and if so any recomendations???


thanks and have a great day


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 73,970

    Assuming the scanner and its software don't have the ability to warp an imported mesh to fit the scanned shape you would need to take the scanned mesh into an application such as Blender that allows you push one mesh (an imported, base resolution, no attachments Genesis) onto the shape of another (the scan), then resport the  reshaped Genesis figure and import it as a morph.

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