Long load times? This may help! - Morphs Manager



  • Where has this script been all my life? You're a genius. THANKS!!!

    Also love your Open by Image.

  • 3dOutlaw3dOutlaw Posts: 2,452

    Glad to help!

  • Not working, is marking all my packages as "unknown"

  • HaruchaiHaruchai Posts: 1,531

    Just found this, thanks for sharing :)

  • Sci Fi FunkSci Fi Funk Posts: 1,182

    @3dOutlaw Thanks for doing this.

    I was just about to use it when I thought about the implications of ticking / unticking 8GB worth of morphs. So I tried a test:-

    If make a permenant copy my G8f morphs folder to another one called something like ALL_MORPHS_RESTORE which never gets used for anything except splatting my morphs folder to restore it, (Downside 8GB of extra storage used in my case), and instead just keep the DAZ folder within morphs - any of my remaining 40 chracters load in 8 seconds!

    Previously it took 43 seconds to load a scene with a single G8f, which in my world (animating), is aggravating, especially after yet another crash. A heavy duty scene (4 x G8fs and a heavy indoor scene with all 8GB of morphs) takes 2:14 seconds to load, so anything to speed this part of the task up is a help.

    Finally a word of warning, if you remove/rename morphs and attempt to load a scene that depends on them, it won’t load with warnings, Daz will just crash. That’s why you need a bullet proof restore. The choice is do a splat (but wait a while for all those Gigabytes to be copied back), or @3dOutlaws utility, but then if I understand correctly you have to tick all the tickboxes. At least there is a way back.

    Anyway, I’m thankful for your work, and grateful at least new scenes can load as fast as my G8.1f scenes, without issues :)

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