Is there a keyboard shortcut that will select the figure?

When working on a figure in DS, I often select a part, prop or wearable to modify, then go back to the the base node of the figure. It would save me lots of mouse motion if there were a keyboard shortcut that simply selected the figure. Is there one? I could not find it if there is.


  • TaozTaoz Posts: 9,796

    Just double click any visible part of the figure (e.g. hand, face).



  • If you want a way to get to the root figure via keyboard then save this as a script, make it a custom action, and assign a keyboard short cut

    // Select root figure// Copyright (c) Richard haseltine 2021function getRoot() {	// Get the primary selection	var oSelNode = Scene.getPrimarySelection();		if ( ! oSelNode ) {		// No selection		return;	}		if ( ! oSelNode.getNodeParent() ) {		// Selection is already at the top of its hierarchy		return;	}		// start with the oNode		var oNextParent = oSelNode;	// an empty placeholder for the parent figure	var oRootFig = null;		// Now keep trying to get the parent  until one can't be found	// if a parent is a figure, store it	while ( oNextParent ) {		// is it a figure?		if ( oNextParent.inherits( "DzSkeleton" ) ) {			// if so, it might be the root			oRootFig = oNextParent;		}				// Now get the next node up		oNextParent = oNextParent.getNodeParent();	}		// if we found a figure, clear the existing select and select it	if ( oRootFig ) { false ); true );	}	}// invoke functiongetRoot();


  • You can also use right-click to select the figure

  • This is excellent, Richard. Thank you so much for your, as always, expert and detailed help.

  • Just FYI, Richard. Your script works for me. Thanks again.

  • lamoid_5f20d3e469 said:

    Just FYI, Richard. Your script works for me. Thanks again.

    Thank you, and thanks for letting me know it worked.

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