Graphic issues with Hexagon at Win7 with HD3000, OpenGL 3.1

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I'm getting this display issue in Hexagon (see attached pictures) within a few minutes when I either move around or try to select anything.
Is it possible that an Intels HD3000 GPU with OpenGL 3.1 can't do the trick? Nevertheless I wanted to ask.

With time they get worse and after restarting Hexagon I've got a window frame of a few minutes until it starts again.
The strangest thing is that sometimes it works almost without these issues. A bug?

In the settings I tried different combinations of Fast-Transparency, Two-sides lightning, Anti-alias and OpenGL optimization.
I try to avoid the option to show transparent sub-selection or showing the backfaces whereever possible.
But still I had the issue, even with the minimal one: fast-transparency, no two-side-lightning and no optimized OpenGL display at all.

I really hope someone of you got something equal and found a solution?
Another setting, downgrade Hexagon, Up/Downgrade OpenGL, a spell, a curse...
Sorry, another GPU is not an option - in a laptop :-(

Thanks in advance for you help :-)

My system details:
Windows 7 64-Bit, SP 1
Intel HD 3000 GPU, driver
OpenGL 3.1.0, build

700 x 332 - 31K
700 x 332 - 32K
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