Iray viewport performence became incredibly slow for me lately.

Whenever i go into iray it stutters comepletely and daz won't be responding for 10 - 20 seconds so I con't disable iray, it is incredibly annoying.

Does any of you know what might be cousing this?


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 72,528

    What are your system specifications, what driver are you using (assuming you hae an nVidia GPU), what is being used for the iray DraStyle (Advanced tab of the render Settings pane), and does this depend on the content loaded - how about a simple sphere primitive from Create>New Primitive?

  • CenobiteCenobite Posts: 171

    Depends on your scene & the power of your computer setup, lets just say you have enough CPU & GPU power with enough ram for all the pipes in a core, depending if your using turbo settings and changing render configuration this can all have impact on your performance on how quickly renders will appear in Viewport or Finished Render, but for default basic sake it usually based on how many detailed polys are in the scene if you have things like Ray Tracing set that will reflect images off different objects. If you are messing with render option sliders changing settings you can also increase the time a render will appear & how much of the picture will render before it even shows, some renders can take awhile to appear due to high poly and render options set. There are many ways to increase this time, even the type of light used can increase render times and the amount of time taken to even start a render. If you have a slow PC then this time will be even longer, you could be waiting a long time with a slow PC, if your PC is too slow or can't handle the render it won't show, i have tested the limit on my pc to the point renders just take way to long to even start even on default settings.

  • CenobiteCenobite Posts: 171

    Also say you have preloaded a character with a bunch of gear and saved it as a scene ready to use in your scenes with multiple hair pieces that you hide and show when needed will also slow down perfomance, say you fully rig a character with 10 outfits and hair pieces & this character takes forever to load into scene even if you hide 9 sets it still may impact Iray renders even tho it shouldn't because it's not displaying the other outfits hidden, it will certainly impact moving the figure and posing it, which will take forever to load it's movement because of the memory it requires, the figure becomes very heavy in the scene and you will get massive slow down just trying to change it's position in the scene even in texture mode, use filament mode in that case it's a little lighter when making adjustments.

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