Genesis 8 Seams

After not using Daz for the last 3 or 4 months, I decided to start rendering photos again . So I brought Genesis 8 into Lightwave3D 2020 and used the surfaces I had saved back in February. Now I get seams at the joints and not sure why whae in February I didn't see a one.

Genesis 8 Female.jpg
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  • Is thata  full render or a preview/draft? It looks like the result of the maps being downsampled so far that some of the background colour bleeds in around the edges.

  • I deleted all of the maps for Genesis 8 that I have in a surface folder and then copied the female base from my Daz studio harddrive. And used them to reload the textures onto the Genesis 8 female. I got the same results. Not sure what to do next? I'm thinking it's not the textures but what I'm not sure.

  • Doc AcmeDoc Acme Posts: 931

    Are you sure you didn't get 8 and 8.1 items/textures mixed somehow?

    Also, are you importing via FBX or OBJ?  They use some of the same textures, but different namings & different UV's. I just checked the 8 and 8.1 Gen8Fem imports I did back in April to examine the differences & both look fine.


  • After reading your comments Doc and downloading the newest Genesis 8 Female the textures didn't change so I rebuilt my surfaces in Lightwave and I got no more seams. Thank you everyone for helping me.

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