Dye Stains with gen 3 & 8 Hair Pieces

Why do dye stains show up on the models foreheads with some hair pieces, it's like they have taken a picture with some person with glue on there head and it's left stain drips on the forehead ruining the entire piece and any render. I have pieces that never showed this strange dye leak and they now show a dye leak on the skin, Why is this happening? The Mega Updo suffers from this problem & many others.


  • cridgitcridgit Posts: 1,314

    That's the hair cap interesting with the figure mesh. You can use the morph adjustment slides to fit the hair cap better and you'll be able to get rid of it.

    If the hair cap is made for the figure you shouldn't see this, unless you've applied morphs to the figure that the hair doesn't support.

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 72,535

    It can happen when the figure is moved away from the origin.

  • chris-2599934chris-2599934 Posts: 1,451

    Another thing to try is applying a smoothing modifier to the hair item.

  • CenobiteCenobite Posts: 171

    You can't always get rid of the hair cap, some meshs the cap isn't seperate in the scene tree and is part of the whole hair mesh, i have some that yes the scalp cause some weird dye leakage in Iray which ruins the models and entire render and basically makes the hair mesh useless and not usable for anything in Iray. Some hair caps you can hide or turn opacity of the scalp to render it invisible but thats only if you can select it from the scene tree or in the scene.

    Whats the best setting to use for the smoothing modifier to remove the stain look or should i just tinker according to scene light.

    I also thought rescaling the hair piece itself so the scalp sits under the skin and dosn't show in the render but that doesn't always work either in the case of the Mega Updo it looks like the hair has been glued on in pieces and clumps of what looks like gel dyed black is clumped on parts of the hair, the hair is one of them sets thats suppose to allow you to use different styles but it has all this gunk in parts of the hair which makes the whole product useless.


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