Using Dawn assets on Genesis 2 Female?

So I bought the Hula for Dawn outfit at rendo and the bracelets and anklets are fine and easy to adjust because they're just handled as smartprops.

Where I'm hitting a bit of a brick wall is the skirt and the lei.

The Skirt, for example, wouldn't be too much trouble if I could just translate z it back into position and then zscale it up a bit but those controls on the root node do nothing. What's the best way to just sort of get these kind of assets into position? 


  • LeanaLeana Posts: 8,740

    Did you "fit" it to G2F? If so the translation controls won't work. You could try parenting the skirt to the hip instead.

  • DiasporaDiaspora Posts: 217

    Ok, so how I would adjust it and then fit? I tried just loading it in and then parenting to the hip but it doesn't follow the pose then. 

  • WendyLuvsCatzWendyLuvsCatz Posts: 30,608

    you need to make a clone shape, yourself, nobody else can legally

    there are threads on how

  • DiasporaDiaspora Posts: 217

    Huh, never heard of the concept of making clone shapes before, thank you for the lead.

    Also, just gotta say, several of my friends and I really admire a lot of your animations. Cheers Wendy!

  • WendyLuvsCatzWendyLuvsCatz Posts: 30,608

    link is not loading for me, it did a few seconds earlier but there are others by Keyra, Google search not being nice to me today

  • Catherine3678abCatherine3678ab Posts: 4,172

    Reading over the product page ... if you have the .obj file for the skirt, you can import that into D/S and arrange it where it should be, [if it doesn't fit, need to send it to a modeling program to make it fit], hide or delete Genesis 2, export out the .obj skirt [NO groups], clear the scene, load in G2F, import in that new exported .obj file ... it "has to" be landing exactly where it should be on the figure ... then run the Transfer Utility: G2F is donor, the skirt .obj is the target. And now you have a skirt on G2F. If you like it, save it. {File > Save As > Support Assets > Figure/Prop ....} Then add the textures, apply shaders, whatever and save out Mat files {can be saved to the same folder or a sub-folder} in which you saved the new skirt .duf.

    Looks nice, have fun :-)

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