How do I save the peroperties I create?

lukon100lukon100 Posts: 431

I created new properties. They were keyd ERC controllers.

I saved my scene file. Closed Daz Studio. Re-opened Daz Studio. Opened the scene file.

My created properties were gone.

What special trick do I need to execute to save my created properties?

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  • lukon100lukon100 Posts: 431

    My custom created properties were not deleted after all.

    They were "hidden" from me.

    When I created them, I had assigned them to the path called "General". This made the properties appear on my interface ONLY if I looked at my list of properties throught the "General" category. If I filtered it more specific, such as the "General > Transforms" category, the properties that are merely "General" will not appear. And since my custom properties were just "General", they disappeared whenever I had unknowingly got into the "General > Transforms" view of properties.

    I fixed this by making the "path" setting of my custom properties be "General > Transforms" instead of just "General". Now my properties appear in my properties list regardless if I'm looking at the properties in "General" view, or "General > Transforms" view.


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