Is there a way to apply translation, rotation and scale in DS?

In blender, you can apply rotation, translation and scale, leaving the item as is, but making the scale = 1, or location = 0,0,0 etc. Is there a way to do that within DS? Stuff I have loaded into place in the scene, then rigged, texured etc. I want to make clean "zero load" versions of them without numbers in the transform. I do not want to have to try and rerig, redo the textures etc.


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 72,535

    Rotations on bones can be baked, throught the Joint Editor option menu

  • TheKDTheKD Posts: 2,593

    Hmmmm, kinda annoying. Guess I am gonna have to rethink a better way next time in the export/import phase.

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