How do you move a Teensy L.I.E. tattoo?

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I bought Teensy L.I.E. Tattoos for Genesis 3 and 8 | Daz 3D and like the tattoos, but I cannot figure out how to move them to another part of the body. If anyone has this product and knows how I would appreciate it.

Clarification: I know how to use the L.I.E. editor to move them around on the part of the body they are drawn. For example I know how to move the tattoo around on the arm. What I cannot figure is how to move an arm tattoo to the leg or shoulder.

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  • FenixPhoenixFenixPhoenix Posts: 2,069
    You would need to manually add the tattoo map onto the leg via either the LIE or a graphics program. Then once you have it where you want it on the leg, you can save it as a LIE preset.
  • hwgs1971hwgs1971 Posts: 90

    Thanks, this worked

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