Keyboard commands and navigation just stopped

All of a sudden, DAZ is completely ignoring both keyboard navigation (I've turned it on and off repeatedly, no joy) and all direct keyboard commands (e.g. Cntr-S or function keys).

What's up and how do I make it NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN?

Assume I can't find the so-called 'customize menu' to restore defaults.



  • Catherine3678abCatherine3678ab Posts: 3,847

    Ideas: Check the hardware. Keyboards and Mice tend to have batteries [unless it's wired to the computer]. Check the drivers. Try rebooting the computer and/or resetting the computer [on/off switch may be near the electrical plugin].

  • shiba_tomashiba_toma Posts: 64

    Thanks. It was certainly worth trying but no joy.

    I feel like it happened mid-session... Like I misclicked something or got a weird combination of keystrokes. I didn't see any prompts, but 'click' no more keyboard for anything except typing into text boxes.

  • shiba_tomashiba_toma Posts: 64

    Ok, that's bloody weird. I looked up how to open the customize window -- only two levels deep, how could I have missed that (snort). I clicked default, then denied the changes and my keyboard works again. Strange, but I'll take it. If it breaks again, maybe I'll have a better idea of what triggered the issue and can update the thread.

    For the moment, all is well. :)

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