landscapes make daz go in continuous loop crash in iray vieuw

Alsmost all high instance landscapes I try to use (harpwood, ultrascene, tangy apple) make daz crash when i switch to iray vieuw.
Yes, I use the "memory" render setiing. Got 32 RAM and that isn't even challlenged with just the standard preloads for these products

switching to iray drives my processor capacity to 100% use.

I get a good  initial render previeuw in seconds but then daz goes in +/-10 second continuous non response loops. procerssor is kept busy at 100%. 



  • richardandtracyrichardandtracy Posts: 1,568
    Do you mean iRay preview mode is causing it to go in a loop? If so, almost everyone has that problem. Just don't use iRay preview mode. Only render using iRay.
  • barbultbarbult Posts: 16,498

    Iray preview mode doesn't seem to pay any attention to the "Memory" setting for instances. Things that you can render just fine with a "real" render will often crash Iray preview.

  • fc633809fc633809 Posts: 0


    I wanted to make some bandits "take cover" in the foliage. Guess that will be a lot of guesswork, testrendering and timeloss.

    DAZ ! Patch that bug

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