Character "Rose" looks greyish in comparison to others?

The character "Rose" by Cherubit seems to have an issue where her skin looks grey in comparison to every other G8F character? Her skin tone doesn't match HDRI lighting at all. This seems to happen when I load a fresh G8 character and simply load the Rose skin. 
Is it just that the skin texture its self is desaturated or am I doing something wrong here?

2334 x 2098 - 3M
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    Alright, my solution for this if anyone else runs into the problem has been to adjust the body textures. Obviously you don't want to lose your character's unique textures. So open up Rose_Torso.jpg in photoshop, then drag in another matching G8F texture as a new layer (such as Victoria or whomever). Change that new top layer to mode "color". This effectively colors the Rose texture to match most typical G8F textures and not look like she just got pulled from the morgue. Save the file in you DAZ 3d\Library\Runtime\Textures\Cherubit\Rose directory. Unfortunately you're going to have to do this for every single body texture... 
    If anyone knows a better way to fix this please let me know. This hasn't really completely solved the weird HDRI lighting issue where she is too dark. 

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    I don't have that character, so I can't tell, but do her skin textures really look radically different in colour to other figures?

    I've found quite a lot of difference in skin tone between different PAs' work when the images look very similar. The reason is that quite a lot of the colour you end up seeing is bound up in settings like translucency, SSS, etc. Sometimes you can get good results by starting with a skin from a figure that works well for you, then swapping the just the images to those of the other character - so you're using, say, Rose's images with Victoria's settings. Save the end result as a materials preset once you're happy with it.

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    Different vendors create their characters textures with different goals in mind.  It can happen that characters from different vendors don't look terrific side-by-side.  Sometimes it's stylization and sometimes it's skin tone. 

    Personally I think Rose is a terrific character with a great skin.  With that said, it does not look like she has spent a lot of time in the sun wearing a swimsuit, so some adjustments will be needed if that's your setting.  There are a number of products available for just this type of adjustment, if you are not in the mood to dig into surface settings yourself.  In another context, tinted lights can make a big difference.

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