MaterialID on Daz House Cat is wrong

Am I doing this right?

I am setting up a canvas with the Daz house cat, but when I set the material ids to different colours for the eyes and add a materials layer to the canvas, they come out where the pads of the paws are. I want a layer or mask with the eyes so I can brighten them.

When I select the eyes as bones and try to beauty render them with an alpha channel, I just get the paw pads on the beauty layer.

I tried doing the paw pads (no bones but can change materialid) but they just come out as paw pads too.

I don't really know enough about 3d models to know what is going wrong here. Is it something there is a quick fix for? Or is it a fundamental problem with the figure?

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    Did you actually save the render and look at the saved PNG file? the saved PNG looks different than what is shown in the render window for me. The saved PNG file looks correct. If you want to see the material ID section for eye parts, you need to hide the cornea (set cutout opacity to 0).

    (PS. Your link to the product is misspelled and goes to Oops page - not found.)

    Housecat material ID.jpg
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    Yes, I did a test render. I'll hide the cornea and play around with it. Thanks for the tip. Failig that I'll reinstall the cat. Perhaps my file got corrupted or something (?).

    Don't know what happened with the link. Thought I copied it from the address bar. Weird.

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    I found the problem here and you're right, it's not the cat. I was shooting the scene through a pane of glass and that seems to have messed it up.

    I can see why that would mess up the MaterialID. The MaterialID of the glass presumably masked the eyes. The paw pads are probably just skimming through the glass.

    I don't understand why that messes up the beauty render w/alpha, but I am going to guess you can't add individual bones in the beauty render (?). No idea why the paws are coming out on that.

    Anyway, fixed. I will render a second scene without the glass and isolate the eyes there using MaterialID.

    Thanks again.

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    That's an interesting discovery. I'm glad you figured out the problem.
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