Daz Character/Morph Load Time Atrocious

I have a fix for this for Daz programmers.  When we hold down control and click on many items in Daz, it gives us specific options.  For example, on materials, we can choose to apply the materials "only to the selected surface".  Well, once I have a scene and I save that scene, then if I ever want to open it, just let me have an option with a cntrl click.  A little checkbox that says "Load only morphs used in scene".  Yeah, I would not be able to use any other morphs on that scene as they would have all been ignored (except what was saved into the scene's character), but it would speed up the several minute load times.  If it only loads whatever morphs I have used in a scene, the thing might open in 2 secs instead of 5 minutes as it loads tons of morphs I shan't use.


So, my question is, at this point in 2021 with this newest version of Daz, is there anything like this?  Is there any way for me to improve the insane load times of saved scenes by disregarding unneeded morphs?


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    if you installed via Daz Connect (that is, through Daz Studio) you could work with all but a select few characters and morph sets unisntalled - if you load a scene or preset that needs owned but not installed content then DS will offer to install it for you (but that itself may take a while since it has to be downloaded). You could use the Content Directory sets option to have another content set, with its own database, fully loaded fro character development and swap between them as needed.

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    Ok, so if it is impossible for programmers to give us the control click options, how about a setting where I tell Daz to load all morphs on startup, so I am only waiting once and can go make a sandwich or something and then come back and work.  That way loading secenes or characters should be pretty much instant since all morphs have been sitting there ready to go.  In other words, having to install/uninstall, hide folders, unhide folders, move folders, zip or unzip folders are any other nonsensical "workarounds" I would not have to do.  Having invested so many thousands of dollars, myself, and I assume what others pay, I am sure a programmer could be hired that could find a better way to increase our production times in the ways I have said (or in ways I have not even thought of).

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