Recommended settings for RTX 3090

I have been running tests on my new system. Alienware with RTX 3090.  I did a few renders last night based on an older Ready to Render scene.  It finished in about 7 minutes at 4K resolution so I was definitely pleased. But I noticed that my system went into serious fan overdrive.  I checked Alienware's monitoring tools and saw that the GPU was saying 100% usage and the heat hovered around 72 degrees.  Is this normal for iRay?

Are there any recommended settings in DAZ to ensure I'm running right?




  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 71,508

    72 C sounds quite reasonable, though I suspect it would have crept up a bit with a longer render. Were the fans maxed out according to the monitor? if not you could lower the thresholds for activiation of different speeds to try to keep the temperatrue down on a longer render - unfortunately there isn't a way to throttle the GPU use, it's all or nothing.

  • MattymanxMattymanx Posts: 6,467

    Smaller fans make more noise as they need to spin faster to move the same amount of air as a larger fan.


    I use HWMonitor to keep track of my system temps and stats -


    I also have two Zotac AMP Extreme 980Ti's that sit with an empty slot between them and 72C while rendering in Iray is normal unless it hot in my room, then its goes up.  WHen the two cards were side-by-side, the main card would reach 83C.  Fan speeds will usally hover around the 1600 - 2200 RPM depending on the temp and how hard its working.  But the fans do not kick in until its past 60C

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    Ok. Thanks!  My Alienware has their own control panel for monitoring and overclocking.  But I'm not too sure if I should mess with any of it.  The GPU has an advanced setting with some options that can be adjusted.  I'll include screenshots.

    I also noticed that in DAZ my devices are showing as CUDA 0. But I assume that mean 0 as in first gpu slot? Or is it not detecting the amount of Cude Cores? I do have the latest official Nvidia drivers installed as well.

    Lastly, do you have any thoughts on Render Settings for iRay optimization?


    Screenshot 2021-05-12 123027.jpg
    499 x 1233 - 60K
    Screenshot 2021-05-12 123544.jpg
    1854 x 1065 - 158K
    Screenshot 2021-05-12 123611.jpg
    742 x 892 - 52K
    Screenshot 2021-05-12 123736.jpg
    505 x 1130 - 122K
  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 71,508

    Yes, device 0 is the first GPU - computers start counting from 0, and that is how it will appear in the log so it helps to be consistent.

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    As for render settings, I do the following:


    Max Samples - 50000

    Max Time - 90000

    Rendering Quality Enabled - ON

    Render Quality - 3

    Rendering Converged Ratio - 99%


    The reason i do this is just to make sure that the render does not finish too soon cause i would rather have more samples than I need.  Especially if I have to leave it rendering unattended.  I know can tell it to continue by adjusting settings but better safe than sorry.

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  • prixatprixat Posts: 1,278

    Yes, 72C @100% usage is within average for RTX. You should be able to improve temps. by adding fans. Alienware is notorious for having bad airflow. If you're really bothered by it you'll find lots of youtube videos about adding a fan to the Alienware case. That might take some of the strain (and noise) off the GPU fans (and the CPU, and the memory) and perhaps even get you a degree cooler.

    As long as the fans are not at 100% when holding the GPU at 72C then the GPU is well within it's comfort zone. (You show the correct safe limit in your software set at 83C, with the actual limit of your GPU being around 95C and the VRAM around 110C.)


  • LiquidWarehouseLiquidWarehouse Posts: 126

    I have the 3090fe and mine never goes above 65c under full load... my Ryzen 5950x on the other hand often hits 80 even on an AIO *shrug*

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